About Us

Star Training Academy (RTO Code: 91349) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), conducting fully-accredited, nationally-recognised training courses. We have also been approved by the Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate (SLED) (M/L 000101318) to conduct Security Training in NSW.

Star Training Academy built itself around the provision of security training and associated services for the security industry secta and has been proudly doing that since 1999. Since then we have evolved into a multi campus educational institution, providing an expanded scope of programs across many potential job roles and industries. We continue to listen to and work with industry stakeholders and clients to shape our training models and improve our delivery. We have built strategic partnerships with other service providers in the industry as well as working closely with regulators to ensure that our clients are getting the quality education they expect and is required.

Our team of highly skilled trainers and assessors all have extensive experience in Vocational Education, as well as specialised qualifications across a vast cross section of industry. They have excellent interpersonal communication skills and can engage with clients from a wide demographic. This enables us to exceed client expectations in the delivery of our training and assessment services and our numerous testimonies attest to the quality and standard we deliver.

Our Mission / Vision

Our mission is to continuously improve our business and education models and be recognised as and maintain a place among the top 5 percent of Registered Training Organisations nationally. We want to be known as a VET practioner of choice among industry, an education provider where clients can rest assured they receive a consistent professional standard of training. We aim to exceed client expectations by constantly reviewing and improving our service standards based on feedback from our patrons. Our vision is to build stronger connections with a vast array of industry stakeholders by offering quality training and assessment services which are trusted and valued and to expand our reach so we can help many others.

Message from the CEO

The provision of quality training is tied to the skills and future productivity of our workforce and the innovation of our people. Star Training Academy offers quality, workplace competency based education programs for its students in a wide range of sectors including, Security, Community Services and Health, Hospitality, Business and Management and Training.

Our academic staff comprise experts from across the industries we work with and train and they regularly advise and inform management to ensure our programs are current and aligned with the market and the workforce secta. The combined administrative and training team ensures our programs remain relevant to industry, meet the high expectations of students and satisfy the changing requirements of the workplace.

Our library of programs is expanding into new areas and we are constantly working closely with industry stakeholders to meet their specific needs. We are happy to engage with business and the industry secta to design and tailor specialised training programs for your workforce and staff. We can advise you where your skills gaps exist and assist with designing and delivering appropriate cost effective training solutions for you.

We presently offer programs from campuses in Granville and Liverpool, but we are equally as comfortable taking our programs offsite and into the workplace for onsite delivery.

Star Training Academy is proud of its on campus learning environments. The Academy’s facilities include fully equipped classrooms, an on-line library and dedicated areas to study.

Our student services team works closely with each student to provide a supported and positive learning experience. The Academy’s approach is encapsulated in our core values of quality education at all times, for all.

We are excited by this vision as we strive to deliver the highest quality education for our clients and we welcome you if you are with us for the first time and say thank you if you are returning. For all who study with us, we wish you well on your learning journey and your future endeavours.


If you require any further information or if you would like to make a booking for any one of our courses please contact Star Training Academy.

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